PressTerminal Company is pleased to offer our clients high quality offset printing and all other finishing jobs. Years of experience and know-how guarantees quality processing of orders while maintaining attractive prices.

We are preparing express quotes for offset printing and binding within an hour from receiving your request. While preparing quotes we put strong emphasis on selection of the best technology and the most suitable material and we always take in consideration other aspects in order to meet the requested quality and deadline.

Due to this comprehensive process offset printing quotes are prepared by our highly qualified dealers rather than simple on-line quotation robots.

Our prices are guaranteed for 30 days, unless otherwise indicated.

Our services

  • High quality offset printing from B3 up to A0 format
  • UV polishing, selective UV polishing, lamination (gloss/matt), blind printing (embossed appearance), gold blocking, die-cutting, folding, creasing, boring, perforation
  • Binding
    • V1 – saddle-stitching (2 staples - common for small booklets, calendars, pocket-size address books, and some magazines)
    • V2 – PUR binding - polyurethane reactive glue is the most durable binding glue available, offering design flexibility for any number of applications, including catalogs, instruction manuals and art books.
    • V4 – sewn soft-cover binding (paperbacks)
    • V8 – sewn hard-cover binding (books)
  • Personalization – printed matters with unique texts (postal address, address, passwords and similar specific information intended for individual use), unique bar code or personalised images (customers’ photographs, their products etc.)
  • POS displays production – hanging signs, counter display, „A“ stands , dump bins or hexabins, shelf edge displays, pallet displays
  • Packaging – production of laminated boxes, cases, also limited editions and gift boxes etc.

Our multiple machines for printing, binding and folding operate 24/7 in order to meet the shortest required deadlines even for extensive orders.

Our products

  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Letterheads/Company Slips
  • Folders
  • Booklets/Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • POS Displays
  • Packaging products
High quality offset printing of leaflets, catalogs, packaging and production of POS displays.